Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tag - I'm it

Shayla tagged me a little bit ago, so here I go.
1. I love being a mom. Paul is the best boy in the whole world!
2. I love to read. Right now I am reading The Greatest Generation (WONDERFUL) and I am about to start Poisonwood Bible.
3. I believe I am physically unable to have every room in my house clean at the same time. I will have all but one, and then I get that one done and the rest have all fallen apart by then.
4. New Jersey got a bad rap. It is really a very pretty state for the most part. They have trees and although pathetic in comparison, they do have mountains.
5. Second grade is the ultimate grade to teach. They are the cream of the crop.
6. Jared rules. He works three hundred hours a week so that I can only work part time and be with our Pauly.

The first snow

We had our first big snow of the season on Sunday. That seemed to be the cue for the freezing weather to come and stay. It hasn't gotten over 40 since then. Paul has a new affinity for water. He turns toward the sound every time he hears it. Tonight during his bath he didn't want to play with his bath toys, he just wanted Jared to keep pouring water out of the cup. He tries to grab the water as it goes over his hand. It is darning. I wish I had somethng more interesting to say but I'm tired and must go to bed now. Night!
(Can you tell he is mine?)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pauly Reads

This is a video of Paul in his exersaucer. His new love is crinkly things, and he loves them even more if they are bright and colorful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving! We had a great time with Jamie and Tyler and their kids. Paul had a great time with his cousins. They are so fun! We had a yummy dinner at Tyler's sisters house in beautiful Connecticut. We drove about 3 hours and went through 3 states, that amazes me! After dinner we headed to Tower's house in Rhode Island and spent the night there. Jared and Jamie celebrated their birthday together (31 big ones) eating Magic Cookie Bars and exchanging gifts. Jared got "The Greatest Generation" and we gave Jamie a Norah Jones CD. We got up Friday morning and played with the kids for a little while and then had to head back so Jared could go to work. We missed everyone in Utah and all the shopping fun on Friday morning! This is a picture of Paul with his cousins Christian and Abigail reading Friday morning.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pauly eats rice cereal

You can't tell me this child does not like to eat. It makes him so excited!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Time flies when your crazy

So this is my warning to all of you, when you walk into Primary and you say, "Wow, this primary could use some help." Even if you only think it and don't say it out loud, the next week, the bishop stops by unannounced at your messy apartment and calls you to be the primary president. I was sustained and set apart today, and am on a 2 hour break from church before ward council starts. Don't worry that our presentation is in three weeks and the kids aren't ready. I think this calling is definitely for me and not the kids.

Paul has started really using his voice lately and if I could figure out how to post videos I would show his chatter. He really gets chatty when Jared gets home from work, you should hear the noise. The week after thanksgiving will be his six month birthday, I can't believe how fast it goes. We are headed to Connecticut for Thanksgiving. Jared's sister Jamie has in-laws there and they have graciously invited us to come. Lucky for Jared, he doesn't have to be in the opening at 5 am shift at the mall. I'll post pictures later. TTFN!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Quack, quack


This year for Halloween Paul was a very cute duck! Susan asked me to take Heidy and Shirley trick-or-treating so Paul dressed up and we all went out. It was a little cold, so he was under a blanket most of the time. The girls love him and showed him off to everyone they saw. When we got home, we went to Chris' restaurant (our favorite little diner) and had some dinner. There was were Paul decided that that was enough of his costume and had a diaper blowout. Good times in South Orange.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

5 months old

Pauly spent his 5 month birthday being cranky and sick. He has a cold and since our stores have pulled all infant cough and cold medicines off the shelves, we have to try and use a humidifier, nose sucker, and lots of rocking. He was much happier when Jared came home and there was someone new to play with. The sister missionaries came to visit and he put on a good show for them, smiling and cooing. They are pretty cute girls. We are down to about 5 boxes to unpack. Unfortunately, I don't know where to put the stuff that is in them. Oh well....5 boxes don't take up that much room. Here is Paul's 5 month pictures.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Big Step Today

Today Paul took a big step and had some rice cereal. He has really been wanting to eat big boy food for about two weeks and so I thought we would try it out. He really liked it and gobbled almost two ounces down. Jared had to go to work today so I have been downloading pictures onto my computer and organizing them. I put them into an album at if anyone would like to see them. If I do say so myself..he's pretty cute. As I looked at pictures from just 4 months ago I am amazed at how quickly he is growing.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Opening Day

Shayla told me I should do a blog to post pictures of Pauly...and I do everything she tells me to, so here we are. Typical day for us today, Jared's gone to school, Paul is doing everything possible to keep me from unpacking boxes, and I'm letting him.