Sunday, June 29, 2008

All thanks to grandpa

Sunday's are almost always crazy for me, especially when Jared has to work. All of the women I am close enough with that I would ask them to watch Paul all have Sunday callings, so we usually struggle along as best as we can. Today I was more flustered since I was also in charge of the baptism that was immediately to follow church, and I had just found out about it yesterday. Paul was really interested in pulling the cord on the stereo today, and when that wouldn't suit his fancy, he pulled all the pictures for this months song onto the floor and did his wiping the floor hand flutter thing. I paint you this picture not to complain, because it's not really so bad, but to show you my frame of mind as I sat down to play prelude for the baptism, since my pianist had to take someone home. I knew that Hymn #98 was a good calm prelude song, so I started there and worked my way through some of the hymns. Paul was crawling around on the floor, until he discovered that if he stood up and grabbed onto the piano, IT MADE NOISE! Can you imagine anything so great?! Luckily, one of my friends came at that point and grabbed him since she had finished doing what she needed to do. The next song was "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" As I began to play, it made me think of Grandpa Brown. He didn't appear to me or anything, but as I thought about him, it gave me strength. I know he did a lot of hard things and he never complained. I wish I could say that magically the rest of the meeting went well, and that next Sunday I won't come home feeling like I have run a marathon, because I probably will. But I am glad that I have a grandpa who was such a good example of sucking it up, and moving along.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This week has been MUCH better, thank you for all the well wishes and comments. The weather cooled down, my back fixed itself, and no doctor appointments!

Just because Paul is cute, here are some pictures.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Long week

This week has been a loooong one. Last weekend was record heat and humidity since 2006. Luckily, Staci, the woman I babysit for, got new air conditioners for her house so she gave us one of her old ones. It's a window mounted a/c and it's lovely. We put it in our living room since that is where we spend most of our time during the day. Unfortunately, because it was so hot, we couldn't get our bedroom or Paul's cooled down at night on Sunday night. So we pulled Paul's bed into the living room and slept on our couch bed. Paul is a good sleeper, but he makes noises. Although I used to be able to sleep through anything, since becoming a mom I wake at the slightest Pauly sound. Not a good night's rest.
Monday dawned very hot still, and since I didn't have to work, I let Jared take the car. The power went out at about 2 and didn't come on until 7 that night. No where close enough had power for me to walk to, so I stayed as still I as could and let Pauly play in the bath tub as long as he wanted....which was like an hour!

Tuesday was cooler which I was very grateful for. After work I headed to pick up Jared from school. We decided to eat at Grimaldi's which had been mentioned on Law and Order as the best pizza in New York. They have a location in Hoboken so we went. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Jerry Orbach wasn't lying. Right after we got home there was a terrific storm with lightning, thunder, rain and wind. We were thinking we might lose power again, but we were lucky and did not. Many people did however, including Austin's school. He was out of school for two days!

Wednesday I had to take Paul to the doctor for his 12 month shots. His appt was at 9:00 am and we were there at 9 exactly. Paul loved watching the other kids in the waiting room and although I was a little grossed out I couldn't keep him entertained for the HOUR we sat there so he crawled around with a little boy that was two weeks older than him. His doctor proclaimed him to be in good health. He is 22 lbs of chunk! He had to get 4 shots on his chunky legs. ONE AT A TIME. There is nothing harder in motherhood for me, then holding him down so they can poke him. Then they also did a tuberculosis test which was a poke in his arm. AND he had to get blood drawn from his finger. By that time his was worn out so he just pressed his head back on me and whimpered. 6 pokes all together! We finally left the doctor's office at noon. BLAH! *The high point of Wednesday was that I got to talk to Shayla for an hour. We rarely have that much time to catch up, it was great!

Thursday I somehow wrenched my lower back so now I can't really stand up straight. I suppose I could but I would have to scream really loud!

Today I had to take Paul back in to have his TB test read. Although I could have called in and said, "no bump on his arm, he's good." we had to wait in the waiting room 45 minutes for a nurse to say that. I also had our car inspected, it failed. I tried to get my hair cut, they wouldn't let Paul come back into the hair cutting area. To top it all off, I had to do all these things looking ridiculous because I couldn't stand up straight because of my back being in serious pain, and I still have long, ugly hair. Because Paul had his MMR shot, he had a little bit of a fever tonight and it made him very cranky. Tylenol and off to bed early for him.

Although it was a long week, and not over yet, I am grateful to have Jared. He talks me off the ledge regularly and makes me smile even when I don't want to. I get a little teary-eyed watching him with Paul, knowing that this was the kind of guy I always looked for, a wonderful daddy that my kids would be excited to see every time. It was a year ago this week we found out we were moving here, and it's been quite a wild ride, but there is no one I'd rather be here with than my boys. I love them both so much!