Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Before Disneyland

Paul was able to go to a preschool at Orem High with Jocelyn, Afton, Logan, and Gabe.  Brown babies were everywhere!
 Aunt Lexie is a kid magnet
 Paul got to ride a real horse, thanks to Cory
 Then Sam's turn - he had never ridden a horse in a field before - only in a circle at the fair
 Liz competed in Dixon's Got Talent - she rocked it!
 We stayed at Bishop's house in Murietta - "Look Mom, human pyramid!"
 Long story short - we spent the day in the parking lot/playground after the van overheated on the way to the beach. SO blessed to have shade, a playground, and a grocery store instead of being on the side of the road.
 Cute kids

 Silly faces

 Liz worked on her planking
 So did Sam
 Paul was too worried to do it the right way
 We couldn't ride in the car, so we tried to make the caterpillar take us to the beach - it didn't.
 Jared had flown into LA and stayed a day or so with Jill.  We were planning to meet them half way, but since we had no car, they had to drive all the way to Murietta in horrible traffic.  Thanks Jill!
 Sunday we spent walking around and visiting the park
 Paul's love affair with corn on the cob Monday when we stopped for lunch after the van was fixed, hooray!
 This is actually after Disneyland - we finally arrived in Mesquite at 4 am after leaving Disneyland late, then limping along after overheating repeatedly from Anaheim to Mesquite.
There was a little league baseball team at our hotel, so Sam played pool football with them - and was voted hardest to get the ball away from.

Sea Monsters

Monday, March 19, 2012


Our Christmas gift this year from my parents was a trip to Disneyland, and we were able to go in March.
 Pole dancing

 Our first stop was the train
Sam beat all of us on the Toy Story ride 

 Paul is one CRAZY driver!
 Plenty of time for pictures in line for Finding Nemo Submarine's

 Paul was a little nervous going into the whale's mouth
 Chad, Katie, Addison, and Kenya came and spent the day with us on Tuesday
 Mickey the Mouse
Sam was an expert pin trader - he got some really cool ones
Paul chose R2D2 for his ears
 Jared finally got to try a turkey leg on the last day we were there
 Soaring over California
Paul and Sam got their pictures taken with McQueen and Mater
 Watching the parade on the last night - we partied so hard and had a great time!
 Last ride - monorail
Thanks mom and dad for the fun!