Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just in case your curious

This is what a reaction to Amoxicillan looks like in a Paulwog.  He had an ear infection on Martin Luther King Jr. Day so we went and got some antibiotics.  He took those until Sunday morning when we started to notice some spots on his legs.  Since I wasn't sure what it was, I gave him some Benedryl and we stayed home from church.  After his nap, he woke up with about double the spots. I called his doctor and he said it was probably a reaction to his antibiotic.  He said he would call in a prescription for a medicine to help clear it up.  I asked if we should come in the next morning anyway. and he said that would be fine.  So Monday morning dawned and we took this picture of Pauly to document his first real scare-mom-out-of-her-mind illness. Dr. Hafen walked in and said wow. Apparently he thought I was exaggerating the night before.  He gave Paul some prescription strength anti-histamine and I gave him the prescription that had been called in the night before.  By that afternoon, he looked a lot better. By Tuesday he had cleared up completely. It was great to be able to stay home with him on Monday, and I really appreciate what a trooper he is.  He was his usual crazy self through the whole thing.