Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh boy...

Paul was babbling in the back of the car today on the way to church about something, and without pausing, said, "That's a luxury car." then kept right on with his story.  I don't even know what luxury car he was referring to, but he does like to point them out.

We're also going through a Mythbuster's phase right now, so as he is playing with cars, I hear a lot of reenactments of car crashing/exploding myths being tested right in our home.

And finally, presenting Pauly Knievel

And Paul Cat, ready to go to the veternarian

Monday, November 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

 Our new home
 Standing at the front door looking into the living room
From the living room into the kitchen 
Super awesome kitchen 
 White appliances - yay!
From kitchen into living room 
Master bedroom 
 Master bath
Love my new vanity 
 Wide ledge in master bath
 Master closet
 Master Closet
Game room 
Which may be where I start my preschool 
 Utility area
 Guest Bathroom
 More guest bathroom
Paul's room 
More Paul's room 
 Window seat! 
Paul's closet - he's going to be sad when the air mattress is gone after we move in. 
 Third bedroom
 Which we are replacing with carpet
 Guest closet

 Did I mention poolage?
And spa? 
 And covered patio with fans
Enough backyard grass to play 
 Looooong driveway - where the grass is where the garden will be
From the driveway to the pool, no time flat. 
Yep, we'll be doing this a lot!

We will close on November 22, 2011. (11-22-11) For fun!