Monday, November 22, 2010

So many pictures, only a grandma could love this post

This post is all of my phone pictures from September to sorry.
Pretend first day of preschool - slurpee after - we tried out a different Kindercare before I got my job in Bedford.
 Free day at Dallas Museum of Art
 We enjoyed the fall 70's and 80's and biked some.
 Lucy was getting rid of this ladybug picture and Paul freaked out - insisted we hang it up in his room.
 This turtle was in the middle of the road in Lucy's subdivision, so we rescued it and put it in the nearby pond.
 Paul is becoming a Texan-through and through
 We got a new kitten - we call him Tornado now - we hope that will be "fixed" soon.
 In Sept/Oct the weather was usually in the 80's or low 90's so we spent a lot of time at the park.
 Paul's first fitting in his fireman costume for Halloween.  Thanks Grandma for sending it to us!
 Who needs toys when you have a hanger and magnets?  Don't freak out, he didn't poke his eye out or anything.I believe he was using it as a telescope.
 Another picture of his pretend first day of preschool.  On the real first day of preschool, I took no pictures because it was also my first day of work.  At the beginning of the day, I was running too far behind and he was too tired.  At the end of the day, I was much too tired to think of taking his picture.
 More park - we spent a week at Lucy and Hugh's while they were gone, and played with our friends there.
 More park - with cool sunglasses from Sonic
 Tractor at Pumpkin Village
 First merry-go-round - also Pumpkin Village
 Hay ride - Pumpkin Village
Cool tree carving - Pumpkin Village 
 Super awesome airplane ride - Paul watching me post this said "Look at me spinning around in order"
 Cow train ride - Pumpkin Village
 "I'm in the cow"
 Pony ride - Pumpkin Village
Jared "punkin chunkin" using a slingshot thing to fling pumpkins at a wood cutout of Charlie Brown. Pumpkin Village 
 We saw some friends from Lucy's ward - Paul and Brigette hanging out. 
 My favorite time of the day 
 Going on walks - I tried to re-lose the weight I gained back. I can now wear my wedding ring again, and back down to my smallest pant size since I got pregnant with Paul.
As you may imagine - this ended in the red thing being broken - although Paul suffered no loss of life or limb. 
Can't you tell he is ready for church?  Don't you wear a fireman hat and take your trumpet? 
Ward trunk or treat - our friends Lissania and Edson - they were friends of friends in New Jersey and now they live in our ward here.  
 Potty training- this is about how it's going. 'Nuf said.  Sorry Julie, I know I haven't put in the time yet, but I feel like I'm getting there.
 Yep - we just let it all hang out on Saturday's here.  They are most precious now that we are all 40 hours a week somewhere besides home.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Potty Mouth

After a very unsuccessful attempt at using the toilet, Paul looks up at me and says, (very disgusted), "We need go to the dentist so he can fix my pee-pee." 

No wonder we are having troubles potty training.....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Activities

I found this website that has great Halloween printables for everyone, kids to adults! It was really easy to download, and Paul and I have had fun doing the activities. We will also be using them for our Halloween party this year. Follow this link, and you should be able to print them for yourself for free! able+Halloween+Coloring+Pages

Monday, September 27, 2010

We want to PUMP you up!

We got a screaming deal on a 10 bounce pass to a place called Bounce U, which is a place that has about 10 bounce things you can do in two huge rooms. Paul was really timid the first time we went, but this time he was a crazy man. It's great exercise for me, and he naps like a rock after we go. This time we went with our friends Christi and Abby, and it was super fun! I didn't get many pictures because I was busy running and jumping, etc...
The big slide!
The boxer preparing
Doesn't he look ready to fight?
Falling asleep on his huge pillow...
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

Two weeks of Fun in Utah!

I'd like to thank my parents for making it all possible, by giving us a place to stay, the airplane tickets to come home, the trip to Salt Lake, camping by the river, the Owlz game + hot chocolate, non-stop partying, and giving me some much needed time to do some things all on my very own.

I'd also like to thank Elaine and Gordon for coming to visit, enduring three days in a car with a three year old, playing with Paul along the way, and being so nice about it all.

Big thanks to Jan and Ralph for making our trip to the zoo possible, lunch up the canyon with peacocks, dinners, lunches, blueberry pancakes, and letting Paul play with Chico guy.

Paul would like to thank Sam, Liz, Jocelyn, Afton, Gabe, Logan, Brent, and Julian for being the best friends and cousins a guy could visit!

He would also like to thank grandma nae for rock-a-bye time, papa for lawn mower time, grandma Jan for the train ride, papa Ralph for playing outside with him and all of them for new clothes and loving the stuffing out of him.

And although Lynn and Sylvia made an attempt on my life with the tube of death during filming, I do appreciate the sacrifice of their time, talents, and boat trailer tires to take us to Deer Creek for the afternoon. (I hope someone has some footage of that, because apparently I do not.)

My thanks to my dear friends and family who I enjoyed spending time with immensely! (Apparently too much fun was being had to properly document with pictures, but I love you anyway!)

And as the music begins to play as my cue to wrap up, thanks to Jamie who had a delicious and fun lunch party for us; thanks to Michelle, who dropped what she was doing to help me out;thanks to the security guy at the airport that let me go through the ropes so I didn't have to wait in line; and the people sitting next to me on the plane that didn't overreact when Paul did.