Saturday, August 14, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

Two weeks of Fun in Utah!

I'd like to thank my parents for making it all possible, by giving us a place to stay, the airplane tickets to come home, the trip to Salt Lake, camping by the river, the Owlz game + hot chocolate, non-stop partying, and giving me some much needed time to do some things all on my very own.

I'd also like to thank Elaine and Gordon for coming to visit, enduring three days in a car with a three year old, playing with Paul along the way, and being so nice about it all.

Big thanks to Jan and Ralph for making our trip to the zoo possible, lunch up the canyon with peacocks, dinners, lunches, blueberry pancakes, and letting Paul play with Chico guy.

Paul would like to thank Sam, Liz, Jocelyn, Afton, Gabe, Logan, Brent, and Julian for being the best friends and cousins a guy could visit!

He would also like to thank grandma nae for rock-a-bye time, papa for lawn mower time, grandma Jan for the train ride, papa Ralph for playing outside with him and all of them for new clothes and loving the stuffing out of him.

And although Lynn and Sylvia made an attempt on my life with the tube of death during filming, I do appreciate the sacrifice of their time, talents, and boat trailer tires to take us to Deer Creek for the afternoon. (I hope someone has some footage of that, because apparently I do not.)

My thanks to my dear friends and family who I enjoyed spending time with immensely! (Apparently too much fun was being had to properly document with pictures, but I love you anyway!)

And as the music begins to play as my cue to wrap up, thanks to Jamie who had a delicious and fun lunch party for us; thanks to Michelle, who dropped what she was doing to help me out;thanks to the security guy at the airport that let me go through the ropes so I didn't have to wait in line; and the people sitting next to me on the plane that didn't overreact when Paul did.


Tyson and Chelsea said...

I'm so glad I got to see you and so fun things while you were here! Can't wait till next time...we're saving our pennies

Elaine Brown Billings said...

Love the post! We were so happy to have you and Pauly-wog in the car for three days. It made it fun! We are so happy you came up with us and got to stay for so long. I am so sad you had to go home, but will look forward to next time!

coryshay said...

Love all the pics! We had such a great time with you!! We miss you already!! I love the picture with the statue of Joseph Smith!

coryshay said...

P.s. love the new look on your blog

p.p.s. Thanks for watching Jojo for us while we were at the car dealerships. You are the sister I wish I never had... wait a second, scratch that. You are the sister I wish I had, but cousins is good enough!

annette said...

What a fun time.

kcsars said...

Sylvia gave me a great synopsis of your tube of death experience... hilarious. You could be your own sitcom! Loved seeing you; always wish it was more. Glad you made it home safely. Pauly's pics bring an instant smile!