Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We had Meet the Teacher night on the 23rd and Paul was SOOOO excited! We found his classroom and met his teacher then looked around.  He has a locker that he shares with Madison....
 and can fit in.
Found his spot at the front table 
And his Pauly frog on the wall outside his classroom
He needed a haircut badly, so we made that part of our Sunday night preparations.

 He tried on his clothes Sunday night too - just to make sure
Bright and early - 7:25! Out the door 
Little more awake once we got to school 

We walked him to his classroom where he found playdough on his desk waiting for him - what a dream! 

His best part of the day: Meeting a new friend named Sebastian

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer BBQ

We were blessed with an abnormally cool day today, so we celebrate by roasting hamburgers and chicken nuggets and eating on our back porch on our lovely table from my parents.
 Besides the raised chance of West Nile Virus by the number of mosquito bites I recieved, it was a fun night!
*Also, this may appear to be just a nice photo - but it's monumental to me.  It's the first picture in years that both Jared and Paul are smiling and looking at the camera and neither one is blurry.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A is for August and Awesome

At the beginning of the summer the Lewisville Library gave out free passes to the Forth Worth Museum of Science and History to everyone that signed up for the reading program.  I decided to blow of work and go one Friday with Holly and her kids.  We had a great time! It's great when you love your friends and their kids!

 Bobby was trying to help make a tornado - very cool!
 Holly brought delicious snacks!
 We let the kids go in the hurricane wind tunnel - Bobby was holding onto the door to keep it closed - I'm not sure Paul was doing the same thing.
 Smart kiddos figuring out where everything goes
 One of the contenders for Paul's future wife - we love her!
 Yep - we hit the Grossology section of the museum - you figure out on your own what that is.

 Each one of the kids was brave enough to lie on a bed of nails that was raised up under them. Lydia did it, but for some reason I missed getting her picture!

They could be brothers, right? 
It was a great ending to a great summer with the Shills! 
 We had a wonderful storm come through that left the next day particularly cool - so we decided to BBQ and roast chicken nuggets!