Friday, November 13, 2009

Tag, I'm it.

5 Things I Don’t Leave The House Without
1. Head
2. Shoulders
3. Knees
4. Toes (and all the parts in between)
5. Clothing to cover it all (you're welcome).
(Everything else is optional - sorry to copy Julie, but it's exactly how it is in my house too. Sometimes I don't even get shoes on.)

5 Cartoons I Watched When I Was Younger
1. Jetsons
2. The Smurfs
3. Care Bears
4. Flinstones
5. He-Man

5 Things That Terrify Me
1. Falling down stairs (I think it has to do with re-breaking my arm falling down stairs.)
2. Paul getting seriously hurt
3. Jared getting stuck in the city because of some sort of terrorist attack/natural disaster - have you seen how many disaster movies take place in NYC?!?!
4. Turning 30 and still be living in an apartment
5. Horror Movies

5 Things I Hate/Dislike That Everyone Else Seems To Like
1. Rootbeer
2. Black Licorice
3. Step aerobics
4. (Sorry, I got nothin')

5 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Go to Venice
2. Buy a house
3. Publish a book
4. Live on a cruise ship
5. Attend a presidential inauguration, a superbowl game, a world series game, and New Year's Eve in Times Square.

5 Friends/Family I Tag
1. Sarah
2. Shayla
3. Sharline
4. Chelsea
5. Sherry

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cruise pictures

What a fun trip we had! It was great to get a group of 24 of your favorite people and vacation together. Thanks mom and dad , it was super fantastico!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Comings and Goings

This is often how I find Paul if I'm doing dishes or making dinner. Love it!

Stare down

Pumpkin carving wore him out, so he wanted to have a siesta on a paper towel roll. Okay...

Punkin Carving

A dog, a log, a noodle, a poodle

One of my favorite things about Paul right now is his imagination is just starting to come out more and more. While his mother only sees an empty fruit snack box, he turns it into a tunner (tunnel), a hang gwider, and birthday hat. It was everybody's birthday that night, including fire trucks, trains, and his motorcycle.