Friday, April 16, 2010


For those of you feeling Paul withdrawals, here is a video of cascarones at our Easter Egg Hunt and grandma Nae's house.

Whirlwind tour of Dallas

Sam and Liz got to come to Dallas with us, and we had so much fun the few days they were here. We got there Saturday afternoon, so our first adventure into Dallas was on Monday. We went to the Dallas World Aquarium (which is amazing!), drove down the street Pres. Kennedy was shot, saw Texas Bluebells (along the highways-the are only in bloom for about two weeks, so we lucked out), drove past the old big beautiful houses in Dallas-including Pres. Bush's Dallas house, then made our last stop at the temple. It was a great day and we were glad Lucy was so willing to drive us around all day!
Sam and a monkey, can you tell which is which?

Lizzy trying to kiss a fish

Dallas Temple with our cousin (and hostess) Lucy Bangerter (Paul was in the car asleep, he didn't take the picture if you were wondering)

Sam really wanted to be Angel Moroni for this picture

And I'm not sure what Liz was trying to do here, although I think she said she was trying to be the T in Temple. Right.....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Eggs, and toots, and cousins, oh my!

We were sad that Jared's parents left to visit Jamie in CA before Jared got there, but we were glad we got to spend the day with them before they left.
Easter egg hunt at my mom's house - with everyone in jacket's it was cold!
The egg finders

Paul's "toot" he got from grandma. Can't stop himself from dancing while he plays.
His beach all we need is a beach!
For Easter Liz and Sam got to drive down with us to Dallas, then fly back on their very own. More on that trip later.

Paul and Jo looking out the window at Aunt Elaine's house.
Super Egg Finder
Pondering face

This boy loves his grandma nae and cappa.