Sunday, June 29, 2008

All thanks to grandpa

Sunday's are almost always crazy for me, especially when Jared has to work. All of the women I am close enough with that I would ask them to watch Paul all have Sunday callings, so we usually struggle along as best as we can. Today I was more flustered since I was also in charge of the baptism that was immediately to follow church, and I had just found out about it yesterday. Paul was really interested in pulling the cord on the stereo today, and when that wouldn't suit his fancy, he pulled all the pictures for this months song onto the floor and did his wiping the floor hand flutter thing. I paint you this picture not to complain, because it's not really so bad, but to show you my frame of mind as I sat down to play prelude for the baptism, since my pianist had to take someone home. I knew that Hymn #98 was a good calm prelude song, so I started there and worked my way through some of the hymns. Paul was crawling around on the floor, until he discovered that if he stood up and grabbed onto the piano, IT MADE NOISE! Can you imagine anything so great?! Luckily, one of my friends came at that point and grabbed him since she had finished doing what she needed to do. The next song was "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" As I began to play, it made me think of Grandpa Brown. He didn't appear to me or anything, but as I thought about him, it gave me strength. I know he did a lot of hard things and he never complained. I wish I could say that magically the rest of the meeting went well, and that next Sunday I won't come home feeling like I have run a marathon, because I probably will. But I am glad that I have a grandpa who was such a good example of sucking it up, and moving along.


coryshay said...

I'm glad you shared that story. I always think of grandpa when I hear that song. and in truth, you definitely have Grandpas spirit. You always do what you're asked to do whether it's hard or not. And no matter how busy you are, you are always thinking of others. I want to be like you (and him) when I grow up!

Tyson and Chelsea said...

You are a trooper. I always loved to hear grandpa sing that song, especially in spanish. It's one of my favorites

Elaine said...

I just had to comment on this entry. I hope I can figure out how to make it post!!! I sat there bawling my eyes out when I read your entry and then read the response from Shayla and Chelsea. Daddy was the poster child for working through difficulties and doing it without complaining. Mandy you are definitely just like him. You are such a good example of just doing what you are supposed to do no matter what!! Luv your guts and Daddy's too!!!Love from Elaine

Elaine said...

Oops . . . I have never called you Mandy in my life. It was just a typo Manda!! P.S. I love your post!!!

Sylvia Allan said...

I agree with all the posts that have already been typed but I have to tell you that you are the best example of living Grandpa's legacy. You always do anything you are asked and a whole lot more. You always have great ideas and carry them out and it is always to make someone else happy. Thank you for reminding us what Grandpa taught us and is still teaching us. Not many young mothers could take on your hard church calling with very little support with a baby that age. That was a great trip down memory lane for us and giving us a chance to bawl our eyes out!
Thanks tons
Love your guts

Murlene said...

Hi, Amanda,
Thanks for your blog. I think about Daddy all the time, too. He was a great example. Stan is always asking me why I have to do something, why can't someone else take care of it, and I think, "Because I am Murlyn Brown's daughter, so I see what needs to be done and I do it. Period. What a great legacy for all of us! Thanks for starting this dialogue and good luck with your calling AND your little imp! Pianos DO make a lovely noise.