Saturday, October 27, 2007

5 months old

Pauly spent his 5 month birthday being cranky and sick. He has a cold and since our stores have pulled all infant cough and cold medicines off the shelves, we have to try and use a humidifier, nose sucker, and lots of rocking. He was much happier when Jared came home and there was someone new to play with. The sister missionaries came to visit and he put on a good show for them, smiling and cooing. They are pretty cute girls. We are down to about 5 boxes to unpack. Unfortunately, I don't know where to put the stuff that is in them. Oh well....5 boxes don't take up that much room. Here is Paul's 5 month pictures.


coryshay said...

Lookin' good Pauly-wog!!! That really is a very cute picture. I can't believe how big he is getting!! So sorry about the lack of cold medicine-yikes!! Can't wait to see his Halloween costume pictures!!

Chelsea and Tyson said...

oh, Pauly is so cute. I hope he gets better soon!!