Sunday, October 14, 2007

Big Step Today

Today Paul took a big step and had some rice cereal. He has really been wanting to eat big boy food for about two weeks and so I thought we would try it out. He really liked it and gobbled almost two ounces down. Jared had to go to work today so I have been downloading pictures onto my computer and organizing them. I put them into an album at if anyone would like to see them. If I do say so myself..he's pretty cute. As I looked at pictures from just 4 months ago I am amazed at how quickly he is growing.


coryshay said...

Awww... Way to go Pauly!! You're a big boy!!

coryshay said...

ps. your facebook photo album is so cute! I like the one with the Rudolph overalls on

Chelsea and Tyson said...

HI Manda, Jared and Pauly!!!
This is so cute, I'm glad you did a blog. I hope everything is going good for you. I miss you guys

GRB said...

Hi Manda and Jared and Pauly wog!! He is so stinkin' cute. When are you guys coming again to Utah. We miss you being here. We will be having our usual Halloween party here at our house. You will have to send a picture of Pauly in his Halloween costume (if you get him one of course).

TTFN . . . . Elaine