Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving! We had a great time with Jamie and Tyler and their kids. Paul had a great time with his cousins. They are so fun! We had a yummy dinner at Tyler's sisters house in beautiful Connecticut. We drove about 3 hours and went through 3 states, that amazes me! After dinner we headed to Tower's house in Rhode Island and spent the night there. Jared and Jamie celebrated their birthday together (31 big ones) eating Magic Cookie Bars and exchanging gifts. Jared got "The Greatest Generation" and we gave Jamie a Norah Jones CD. We got up Friday morning and played with the kids for a little while and then had to head back so Jared could go to work. We missed everyone in Utah and all the shopping fun on Friday morning! This is a picture of Paul with his cousins Christian and Abigail reading Friday morning.


coryshay said...

I can't believe how big Pauly is! It sounds like you had a good time on Thanksgiving! Me and lex went shopping at 4:30 to Kohl's and then went home. It was pretty fun except that you weren't there, and you are always a fun shopping partner that early in the morning and a girl fainted right in front of me and looked like she was having a seizure for awhile so that was scary! Missed you guys!

jasongordon34 said...

that would be so crazy to go thru 3 states in that amount of time, p.s. your baby is so cute :) miss you

Chelsea and Tyson said...

Happy thanksgiving that movie!