Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Randomness from the last week of school

When we are running errands and I know there is going to be a bit of driving I ask Paul to grab a book to read.  He chose a piano book to flip through.  Can't hurt, right?
On Tuesday, the last week of school, I rolled my ankle pretty badly, and ended up on crutches for 3 days.  Then strep throat....there may be a chance the universe is telling me to take a break.
May was another month of all green smile faces, so to Braum's we went for ice cream.
Paul chose Freddy's for the last day of school dinner.
So proud of my little man!
And he got a huge ice cream Oreo from Freddy's for dessert!

Paul ended the year reading above grade level, writing mostly decipherable sentences, adding and subtracting, tons of science information, and great friends.  By all accounts, Kindergarten was a success!

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