Sunday, June 9, 2013

One year older....

Paul turned six on Sunday, May 26th!  Our church doesn't start until 1:30 so we had the morning to celebrate.
He got a kite. 
 A Hot Wheels race track
 Remote control monster truck
 Extra race track pieces

 Later we had dinner at Hugh and Lucy's  with Oreo ice cream birthday cake per his very specific request.
 He got an angry birds sticker book, a mini magna doodle, and punch balls for all the kids.
Then we had a show after cake!
Party attendees: Hugh, Lucy, Carl, Peggy, Cara, Wes, James, Nicole, Anna, and Kailynn (visiting from Connecticut), Brent (visiting from Utah), Carl, Courtney, Emma Jane, C.J., June, Rocio, Jared, Tzuriel, Evani, Cali, Jared, Amanda, and of course PAUL!  He is one spoiled boy!

My mom and dad got him a bike, Jan and Ralph gave him gummy bears and money to get a present. Lucy got him a car carrier semi truck that he can store his cars in.  He also got money and cards from Billings and Nielsens.  His primary teachers gave him a car and a CTR pencil.  Mrs. Coe, his kindergarten teacher gave him a card and a pencil.

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Elaine Brown Billings said...

I'm so glad he had such a fun birthday.