Saturday, August 29, 2009

The short of it

Here's the short version of the last week:
Sunday: I gave a talk in church and wasn't booed out of the chapel
Monday: Jared had a 2 hour written exam
Tuesday: Practical test for 8 hours - taking apart a watch, fixing the problems, putting it back together
Wednesday: Continuation of Tuesday - 8 more hours of practical test taking /Jared's parents and twin sister Jamie arrive from Utah / Receive job offer to work in Omega Boutique just off of the southern end of central park.
Thursday: Pins and needles waiting for test results / into NYC to see Lincoln Center, Waldorf-Astoria, Manhattan Temple, The Emerald Inn (yummy), Magnolia Bakery (super-yummy) Columbus Circle, and Times Square.
Friday: Jared and Ralph went and cleaned out his desk at school, and had lunch with his classmates / Girls went to the quarter sale at Other Mothers and then Kohls / Graduation dinner that night at Feelgood Restaurant / It rained and rained and rained some more.
Saturday: Jamie leaves :-( / Raining again / Rain stops in time to go to WTC site, Wall Street, USS Intrepid Museum, ferry boat and train ride back to the car / Taqueria for dinner

Guess that's not terribly short, but we've packed a lot in this week!


annette said...

Your making me tired.

Amanda said...

I make myself tired. Wait til you read the long version.