Monday, August 24, 2009

Go green

with envy! My baby is now a boy. Wishing I had pictures for proof, but I can't find our camera cord. Thanks to our friends the De Jong's, Paul took two big steps into being a big boy. They gave us their twin bunk beds and a bike with training wheels. He loves his big bike, and it has a bell and everything. It needs a little oil on the chain to make it easier to pedal, but he does pretty well with it.

I was nervous about his transition to a big boy bed since it 1)doesn't have a rail to hold him in, and 2)I didn't want it to take forever and a day to get him adjusted to not getting out of bed. Luckily, I have the best boy ever. I got it put together in the afternoon and got ready for a long night. He got out 6 times the first night. Thanks to Super Nanny Jo Frost, the next night, it was only once and when he saw me, he ran back to his room and hopped back in. No troubles since then! Yahoo for Paul being so easy, peasy! I am soooo lucky!

In unrelated news, Jared is done with the written portion of his watchmaking test. Tomorrow he will start the technical portion of the testing that will last for two days. If only we had a job to go to after he graduates on Friday! We are still praying and waiting!


Renae said...

No, NO, NO!!! Stop the growing thing until you get back to me my sweetie baby!! I am so proud of what a big boy you are! Gramma Nae loves you!!

Orem said...

Oh, I love that Pauly. Aunt Lanie loves you too!!!

This is Elaine . . . . . not Orem!

coryshay said...

Big Boy Pauly!! I can't believe it!! What a good boy he is! You definitely hit the jackpot with his personality and easy-going-ness! We love Pauly!

annette said...

Good luck on the tests...he will be great and the job will come!

wendy said...

A all around,"Yah" for the Miller family!