Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our quick trip to Philly!

Jared had the day off today, so we took a little road trip to Philadelphia. Our desire to sleep in, combined with our general laziness, as well as killer traffic, we didn't get into town until about 5:30. Believe it or not, most all the sights were closed, so we wandered and took pictures from outside. We did get to see the Liberty Bell which was cool, and Benjamin Franklin's gravesite. It's an interesting feeling to walk where our forefathers walked.


Tyson and Chelsea said...

That looks way fun! Love the pictures. Pauly is still so stinkin cute

coryshay said...

That is so cool! What a fun trip!! It was nice to see pictures of all three of you together again! And I love Pauly's "ning" hat! What a fun boy!

kcsars said...

Wow! What a neat trip! So cool to see your family back in "hang'n time" on the weekend. Miss ya. Wish we were crashing the streets together!