Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Our friends the Rabner's invited us over on Christmas Eve for dinner and fun.  We played this super fun game where you had to rip newspaper strips down the middle all the way to the end.  If you you didn't get to the bottom you lost.  It was a race - and it was quite intense!
 After the silliness, we acted out the nativity story - Paul wanted to be the start.
Joseph and Mary weren't acutally allowed to touch the baby according the the baby's owner - little Miss Lily. 
 When we got home, we put out reindeer food just to make sure they stopped by.
 Had our traditional fire, and made a bed by the tree.
 I realized much, much later that I had gotten some great pictures of him opening things - but not actually of the gifts.  This year he got a Wii gaming system, several games, a new baseball mitt,  the movie Turbo, a plethora of Hot Wheels cars, and a whole bin of tracks.  Also - I realized ON Christmas Eve around 10 pm that I had pink and birthday wrapping paper.  Hence the Christmas bags and printer paper wrapping.

 In the afternoon, we snuggled up on the bed by the fire and watched Turbo. 

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