Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 2013

 Paul got to go on a field trip to see The Cat in the Hat and I was able to go with him.  It was a fun day!
 Paul and his best buddy - who luckily for us lives right across the street.
 They make tie dyed shirts at the beginning of the year so first grade can wear them on special days.  This is Paul's class.
He looked particularly handsome in his air force jacket and plaid shirt this day. 
 His school had their BIG carnival in November as well.  It was awesome!  He rode the airplanes at least 5 times.
 Once was enough on the pirate ship - he had a look of terror for most of the ride, but said it was fun.  
Paul loves animals - we stayed at the petting zoo for a LONG time. 
 He got lots of prizes!
 Last week, my family came down for a long - TOO SHORT - weekend.They had given us a Home Depot gift card for both our birthdays to install baseboards, then flew down to make sure it actually happened.
 My dad's knee's will never recover.  He spent all day Friday and Saturday working with different levels of help.
 We were lucky enough to have Matt and his girlfriend Reiko come from Houston Friday night, so my mom made a full on delicious Thanksgiving dinner.  INCLUDING 5 kinds of pie.  We love Chicken Express rolls! 
 Saturday morning we had delicious homemade Zucchini bread from Reiko and a yummy frittata from my mom, and sang to Jared and Liz who both have birthday's coming up.  Liz will turn 16 December 5 - WOOHOO! 

 Golding Family Picture 2013

 There's a lot of love here man....
 And a whole lot of crazy
Thanks mom and dad for spoiling us!

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