Saturday, October 6, 2012

My dad rocks....

This photo is pretty deceptive, we did not do a lot of this while my dad was here in June. We were happy to have Matt drive up from Houston to visit for my dad's birthday.  Plus Matt and my dad fixed our air conditioner with a 10 dollar part instead of a 100 plumbing bill.
 Matt took us all to Saltgrass for my dad's birthday, it was so yummy.  Then we went and saw Avenger's. 

 My dad built a sandbox for Paul for his birthday. Awesome!
 On the way to birthday dinner number 2 at Rosa's with Hugh and Lucy

Yes, I am lame - no birthday cake for dad, just a slice of birthday cake from Saltgrass.
This was how a lot of time was spent - two men on ladders
We finally have gutters!
Thanks dad! You are the best!

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Elaine Brown Billings said...

Karl is a working maniac. Such great pictures of you all. Loved them.