Sunday, October 14, 2012


Paul's primary presentation was today, and he did a great job. He had his practice yesterday, and his teacher     said he was so reverent and he didn't bounce on his chair even one time.  We decided that meant we needed ice cream. We went to Braum's for some pumpkin ice cream.
When I asked if he wanted to wear a sweater vest or jacket - he chose a jacket, because he wanted to be like dad. 
We are so proud of him singing and saying his part so well.  This is his first primary presentation since we were in Utah last year when our ward did theirs. 
We love this little guy! 


Elaine Brown Billings said...

Love that Pauly Wog!!

Sharline said...

He is sooo big! xoxo

Tyson and Chelsea said...

He's such a cute kid! And I love that Jacket. He looks so handsome!