Monday, January 9, 2012

Other December fun

Disclaimer: All phone pictures - sorry!

Paul's preschool had a Christmas party on Dec. 15 before they were out for Winter Break.
They made ice cream come Christmas Trees
and decorated and ate cookies. 
 Then later that day we went to Bass Pro Shop with his BFF Ben.
When the ride operator told them to hold on, they couldn't find anything
so they grabbed on to the back of the sleigh.
 They did invite this other little guy to join them, and help them drive the one reindeer.
After the sleigh ride, Laura (Ben's mom) and I spent about half an hour
watching them play on the ATV's. 
 That Saturday, the 17th, we visited Santa at the Highland Village fire station.
Ben's school was also out for winter break, and his parents both work
so he spent two weeks at our house during the day. On the 20th, Crystal (Lucy's daughter)
called and invited us to go to the Aquarium with their family.  
Uncle Hugh bankrolled anyone who wanted to the Super Bouncy trampoline after the aqaurium, 
so these two lucky boys got to have a turn.
 Lucy dropped off this gingerbread house the day after Christmas
so we put it together, beautiful, isn't it?
 New Year's Eve we spent the day working on the floor and other projects around the house, then went to IHOP to eat dinner with the senior citizens and pot smoking teenagers. (Okay, they only smelled like pot smoking teenagers.)
 New Year's Day was a great day for Paul as he be came a CTR!
He uses his CTRness for a lot of things now.  "I need to get a new CTR bike mom, my bike is too small."  "If they say I am a baby, I will tell them I am a CTR."  
(Side note: As far as I know, no one actual calls him a baby, but he is aware of the threat.)

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