Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 isn't over yet...

At least on my blog, I'll attempt to catch up what did not get blogged in the midst of moving.
Batman continues to make regular appearances,
and is always sure to keep up on local news...just in case.
 Since we were mostly packed at our apartment, but not unpacked at our house, 
we had Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrell
 thanks for the scarf Shayla!
 with our friends the Desrosiers.
 Fast forward, we had Paul act out the nativity for FHE on Dec. 12
 Angel coming to the shepherds
 Finally able to decorate the tree a few days before Christmas
Christmas Eve, Paul got to open one gift and he opened a cozy blanket from Grandma Jan 
And dad opened a flashlight and Home Depot gift card from Jon and Ana. 
 Oh the kitten....
 Christmas Eve, we Skyped for about an hour and took a picture of matching boys in their jammies.
Yep, he's pretending 
 Because we almost forgot to put out the traditional Baklava for Santa, 
and carrots for his reindeer.
We pulled out our futon mattress and snuggled in by the fire trying to catch Santa.

But, he came and left presents without us catching a glimpse. 
 We were so busy Skyping and opening presents, that I didn't take many pictures....
okay, any pictures.
Paul is ready to go to church
 Then we spent the evening at Hugh and Lucy's house
 More Batman things! 
Grandma Nae and Papa gave Paul a Batman Leapster game, Batman shirt, and a Batman washcloth.
 The next day we spent afternoon visiting with Packard cousins.
(This gave me flashbacks to Grandma and Grandpa Brown's basement, 
where someone always ended up crying after playing pool.)
Eating with his cousins 
 Jared and Talmadge Packard (His great-aunt)
 President Packard, Jared, and Paul (He is the Dallas Temple President, and Jared's great-uncle.)
 We were lucky to get $5 tickets to the BYU bowl game here in Dallas, 
but unluckily Jared had to work.  So Ben, Paul, and I went with our friends
from our old ward.  We only stayed a quarter, but they won!

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Sherry said...

So wonderful! I love seeing you in your house! It just looks so cozy and nice.

I still have to update my blog too. I'm getting their slowly, but surely.