Saturday, January 17, 2009

Half a decade

Yes friends, Jared and I have been officially married 5 years. We celebrated by being 2000 miles apart! Yahoo! Seriously, the night before he left we went to Tucano's and ate ourselves sick. I also got a pair of Born shoes, and Jared got pants, shirt, and part of his Power Juicer was his anniversary present. A few memories of our time together:

Our wedding: What a rockin party! I hate to tell you, but I mostly remember just Jared from that night. I recall there were other people there...

Helping with grandma and grandpa: His patience when mine was gone, and his willingness to do anything whether he felt it was ridiculous or not.

Pregnancy: Seeing him fully grasp what that meant, and pampering me EVERY day...I mean it. He really did.

Our trip across the country: I couldn't believe how much fun we had. There is nothing better than being on an adventure with your best friend. (And a little guy... he was less fun, although such a trooper.)

Everyday: Watching him with Paul. Two closer peas in a pod you can't find. Even with Paul growing up far away from his daddy, he still manages to make Jared's faces, be smart like his dad, and make me smile everyday too.

Everyday: Texting "good morning" to me every morning, loving me for who I am, and being there through this particularly hard time in our short life together.

I was adamant I was not going to do a mushy, gushy post for all the world to see, but it didn't seem right to not pay this small tribute to my love.


coryshay said...

yay! happy anniversary!! What were you doing posting at 2:10 am???

annette said...

That was very sweet!

Tyson and Chelsea said...

Oh how fun. Happy Anniversary!

kcsars said...

Oh! Happy Anniversary!!! Isn't it great to know that your love spans the country? Okay, in reality it sucks most the time, but I'll try cheesy phrases to get a quick chuckle in whenever I can. I'm here for ya, girl. Selfishly, because I'm loving that you're here... I've decided the school just needs to realize the genius that Jared is, so they'll promote him a full year. Tada! And done! That means you'll stay here, right? NO high filuting job elsewhere for you, right? No? You want that? Alright...I'll just have to go visit ya. So, to end... A toast(hold the garlic butter) to a strong, loving, tenacious couple who have amazing things coming their way! It's an honor to be a part of your lives, and experience your loyal friendship. Long live your laughter!!!