Monday, December 15, 2008

Time flies

when you are crazy busy. Just thought I would do the bulleted (is that a word?) edition of our life update.

- Jared continues to kick butt in watchmaking school, scoring very well on tests and quizzes and going as often as possible to NYC (SO JEALOUS) to look at watches (not so jealous) with his watch hommies.

- I remembered what teaching in December is like, YIKES! My kids are crazy and getting crazier as the holidays approach. I am enjoying my job and it was good to remember that I love to teach. After teaching while pregnant my last year, I had forgotten how much fun it can be!

- Paul just finished his yummy pink medicine for an ear infection. I wish they made adult medicine that yummy, he begged and begged for more. He is really getting so smart (not biased at all). He knows about 10 signs and can say around 10-15 words depending on his mood and the day. He has started having a little separation anxiety since the last time we left dad in New Jersey. I'm a little afraid he is getting smart enough to know that sometimes when we leave, it's for a long time. The result is lots of tears when I leave, even when he is with his favorite people (all the grandpas and grandmas, Liz and Sam)

Although seperated by a long distance, Jared and I are doing all-in-all well. We are newly thankful for cell phones that allow us to stay in contact throughout the day and send pictures back and forth.

We are excited to see each other for Christmas. Jared arrives on Christmas Eve and we get to party until Jan. 3rd. We can't wait! Hope you and yours are safe and happy this holiday season!


annette said...

"All these things shall be for thy experience". I'm so proud of what you are doing even though it is hard. You always have a smile on your face and love in your heart. You will be blessed for that. Love ya Nettie

coryshay said...

Pauly really is so smart and stinkin cute (you don't have to be biased to think that!)

Tyson and Chelsea said...

I love Pauly! He was so darn cute on Christmas Eve.

W said...

I hope you read this. I can't get your post about the talent show/night to work. I don't know if it didn't get posted or there is some thing wrong with it. Let me know.