Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Recipie

Just thought I would post a recipe I used this week that is quick and easy and yummy. You put 4 or 5 chicken breasts (frozen or not) in the Crockpot with a 16 oz jar of salsa, and 1 can of cream of chicken soup and let it cook for 5-6 hours and viola! You got a pleasing configuration of hair that humans go nuts for. They say in the cookbook that you are supposed to serve it on a rice pilaf, but I haven't yet because A)I don't know what a pilaf is and 2)I never remember to put the rice on 20 minutes before I am ready to eat. Anyhow, we enjoyed the high of 65 degrees today, it was loverly. They say it is a freak warm spell, and the cold will be back soon, but I am enjoying it while it is here. I am sooo excited to hear Shayla is having a girl, although Jocelyn will look funny in Paul's hand-me-downs. HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding. Need more sleep. Good night.
P.S. Us by the Manhattan Temple


coryshay said...

Do you do it for 5-6 hours on high or low? I have a recipe that's like that one that's yummy, only you don't do the cream of mushroom soup and about 30 minutes before it's done cooking you shred the chicken and add 1 cup of sour cream and stir it up and you use the chicken for tacos. Mmmmmm. I'll have to try your recipe out maybe tomorrow.

coryshay said...

P.S. Pilafs are my favorite... I love drinking those things.

jasongordon34 said...

awe wish I was there too, I''ll send you some sun from SD