Friday, June 6, 2014

Let's get started with SUMMER!

We love swimming lessons with Mr. Mark and Mr. Jeff.  Paul got better and jumping in and turning over to float, plus swimming under water!
 We found a trampoline in good condition for cheap on a garage sale site, and these boys LOVE to be on it, whether it's 100 degrees or not. Plus they have discovered a way to combine their love of hot wheels too, so they usually are out there for an hour with break for drinks!
First grade party was the last day of school this year, he had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Dawes, that helped him to succeed in all area.   
 Wren, Ella, Paul and Autumn
 Paul and Tzuriel
 Popsicles anyone!
I brought him a balloon and Sonic for lunch, and then we were ready for summer to start!

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