Friday, April 4, 2014

Vroom! Vroom!

My friend Tiffany gave us tickets to a NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway.  Since we had four tickets Paul got to invite his best friend to come with us.
 Flyover before the race started

Watching the cars - preliminary laps.  We thought it was loud then, then they started to go FAST!  Then it was LOUD!

 It was so fun!  It made me wonder a little bit what we would do if we had a girl kid instead of a boyo..
We bought both boys a race car and after they watched the race for a little bit, they played on the bench.  When there was a crash, they would pop up and watch until the urge to race their own cars was too strong! 
The race was sponsored by Duck Dynasty so there were poster all over the place with Uncle Si.  We couldn't resist!  

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