Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lake Conroe, and so much more.....

 Keeping it classy in our jammies
 Boardwalk fisherman
 Dad and Mom
 Why Paul is unbearable after we get home from vacation with my family
 Playing Liz's ipad
 It's tradition
 Gas station queen
 THE place to be - outlet mall near Conroe
 Santa's house
 NASA tour

 Sammer the giant
 Houston, we have a problem
 Like an orange on a toothpick
 End of the day
 Strongman Sam with helper Paul
 Sam's crab pot at Joe's Crab Shack
 A man and his bib
 Liz and Matt making pancakes at his beautiful house
 Bad Piggies as often as he could
 Lovely day at the beach - perfect day!
 T-Bone Tom's Steakhouse - yummy dinner!
 Thanksgiving day in the hot tub

 Tree lighting, Santa visit, Candy Cane Scramble the day after Thanksgiving
 Petting Zoo - last day of vacation
 Lizzy afraid of this docile dear
 Paul loves all the animals
 Cow and Zebra
 Zip line fun
 Darling boy
 It's a race!
 Dad is the grand champion of this game
Thanks Pa and Ma!

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