Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birthday Boy

We had a pool party for Paul's birthday - he got to open his first gift- a pirate ship!
 Paul and Tommy - with Delaynee as motor
 Holly and Quinn

 Paul and Wren
 Paul and Lydia
 Dylanee and Bobby
 Missionaries - Our friends had signed up to feed them that night, so instead of missing the party - they brought yummy rice and beans and the missionaries to hang out!
 Pirate Tommy
 Pirate Paul

Lightening McQueen coloring set from Lily, Wren, and Eli 
 Rocket from Dylanee, Bobby, Lydia, Tommy, and Quinn
Glow Explosion Sand from Joey, John, Arabella, and Lily 
Bobby, Wren, and John checking out the glow explosion sand 
Serious study 
 Angry Birds cupcakes and cake
Make a wish! 
 Pirate Lily

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Elaine Brown Billings said...

That pirate ship is the Queen Mother of all pool toys! I love it. What a blast to be able to have a pool party for your birthday. I can't wait to participate in a pool party at your house soon.