Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ben's my best fwend, he just didn't wealize it.

We love Ben!  He's a sweet boy and he and Paul are stuck like glue at preschool. It was his birthday a few weeks ago, and Paul was very excited to go play with him on a stay-home day.  When we first arrived, Paul hid behind me, and wouldn't even talk to Ben - grrrrr.

Doesn't this look like the face of a kid having fun?
Then the sword fighting began...

Pizza and Ice Cream - yum!

Paul "helped" Ben open his present, then showed him how to use it.

Ben saying thank you for the present.
Yes, we did get him the obnoxiously large bulldozer, hope Ben's mom doesn't curse my name.

After cake and ice cream, we went out into the arcade for some games: 
First, Paul getting his groove on...

Then some air hockey, which both boys abandoned after about 30 seconds....

Then out to the go-carts! I couldn't believe they let these babies, excuse me, big boys drive!  

Paul and Ben liked to look at each other while driving, believe it or not, there were many crashes.

Exhibit A
One happy racer!

The boys and their dads went on the big go-carts for some more fun. I got to visit with Ben's mom, Laura, who is very nice and great to talk to.

As we walked back into the arcade, Paul insisted Ben hold his hand.  

With his balloon and party bag, he was soon out!
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Tyson and Chelsea said...

what a fun party! So good to have a great friend for Pauly, even if he didn't realize it :) what a funny kid

Elaine Brown Billings said...

Cute pictures of Pauly wog. We miss you guys so much.

coryshay said...

What a cutie boy!!! He's so little to be driving a go cart!