Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paul's BFF

My friend Sherry did a really cute post about Paul's BFF Carter.

I'd like to introduce you to Carter's friend, Paul. Paul is, as Carter says, "really cooool, mom. Really cooool." What makes Carter think Paul is so cool? Let me give you a run down.

Paul shares the same love of Thomas the Train that Carter does. Between the two I dare say they know every Thomas Train. And Paul is content to sit and look at a Thomas catalog with Carter.

Paul has the same taste in movies as Carter. I've yet learned to appreciate the Thomas and Friends DVDs, but Paul? Paul gets them. Paul loves them. And then we get to real play. Clearly these boys share a common love of trains, but there is more than that. Paul knows the fun that jumping on a bed in a cape brings.
Or the more subtle joy of throwing chalk into an empty clothes basket.
What can I say? These two boys just get each other. I think Carter summed it up best when he told me, "Paul isn't my brother, Holland is my brother. Paul is my friend, mom. Just Paul."

We are working on the "just Paul" part though. Especially since Carter tells me he won't play at preschool because "there aren't any boys named Paul there mom."

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