Thursday, September 11, 2008

Couple Tag

Couple TAG
What is his name: Jared
What is her name: Amanda
How long have you been together: 7 years in February, 5 years married in January
How long did you date: 23 months
How old is he: almost 32
How old is she: almost 27
Who eats more: Amanda for sure
Who said I love you first: Amanda
Who is taller: Jared
Who sings better: Jared, he's been to Israel to sing, and it basically made me fall in love with him
Who is smarter: Technical stuff - Jared Useless trivia-Jared Teaching, common sense - Amanda
Who does the laundry: I do normally, although I hope Jared will instead of just throwing away his clothes
Who pays the bills: Amanda
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Amanda
Who mows the lawn: Our landlord in New Jersey....Mom, Dad, Lizzy, Sam in Utah
Who cooks the dinner: Microwave, Jared when he can. He's much better at it.
Who drives: Jared
Who is more stubborn: Jared.....d d definitely Jared
Who proposed: Jared
Who is more sensitive: Amanda

I tag Chelsea and Tyson, Danny and January, Phil and Julie

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coryshay said...

I'm still trying to do the did you date for 23 months when your first date was the day we got engaged? Maybe this week fried my brain!!