Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trip to Utah Part deux

It was so great to go again to Utah. I sure miss my family and my best friend Sarah. It was great to be able to spend a day with Sarah, a day with Shayla, and lots of time with my mom, dad, Lizzy, and Sammy. Pauly has never felt so loved. Paul is getting to the point in his eating that he wants to feed himself now, so for breakfast he usually has a waffle. I was really worried the first couple of times since he would shove a whole big piece in his mouth, but good news...he got his mother's genes! He is a champion eater, or what some may call a porky pig.

I just finished reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I stayed up all night reading (haven't done that in a few years). It is a wonderful book about courage and doing what you think is right. For those who haven't heard of it, it's a story about a women in the 60's who gives birth to twins. One of the twins has Down Syndrome, and the father gives the baby away and tells his wife that the baby died. The story tells of the twin they kept and the one they gave away. Not a happy book by any means, but thought-provoking and a story about being strong.

Jared and Pauly are now in Utah for Jared's mom's birthday (yesterday) and his dad's graduation from U of U (Friday) Although we are sad that we couldn't be on vacation together, we are glad Jared could be there for these special days. I miss them both terribly, but it's good to get some things done at our house without worrying about Paul's schedule.

Good to see everyone I saw, and to those I didn't...see ya next time!

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coryshay said...

Oh, Ididn't know Pauly stayed with Jared... I hope you enjoy your time being un-mommy for a little while. After you told me about the Memory Keepers Daughter, someone else told me about how good it is. I'm going to have to read it, but maybe after Jocelyn is here... I have a big stack of books to read. Thanks again for spending the day with me and giving me advice on all things baby related! It really helped and it was way fun to see you again. Now it's my turn to go there! Wahoo!