Sunday, March 9, 2008

Row, row, row your boat!

Jared is fully recovered now, and back to work and school. He has his first big test coming up very soon. He has to make a pivot gauge and a winding stem. I actual know what those are, but for those of you who don't. He has to take a piece of metal and shave pieces off by hand to exact specifications that are like .001 mm. It's very technical and stuff. Sometimes I do a lot of nodding and uh-hmming when he explains things like that to me.. Those are pictures of what he has to make.

We had quite a storm this weekend. It started raining on Friday and kept raining until Saturday afternoon. We thought there was a chance we would have to row our bow to higher ground but it finally ceased. After it finally stopped, the wind kicked in and knocked over at least 3 trees in the park by our house. It took power out in other parts of Jersey, but we weren't affected.(effected? I never know the difference.)

Next Sunday we are having all six of the missionaries from our ward over for corned beef and cabbage because of St. Patrick's day. Since I have never made either of those things, I've got to read up in my Betty Crocker cookbook. Jared's mom makes that every year near St. Patty's day and we think it's pretty yummy so we are going to try it out. We have two new missionaries so it will be good to get to know them. We like to have them come about once a month. One of the sisters said last time they came, "Wow, it's good to have some meat!" I guess they don't have much at their apartment. We always have a good time when the come.

Today was a good day at church, no talks that make you go hmmmm... We have those pretty often here in the mission field. My primary kids were for the most part good. At least half of them were taught by the missionaries, not born in the church so they have some pretty interesting ideas sometimes from the church they attended before. I have to build in clarification discussion time to most of my sharing times to make sure they know what the truth is. They are very strong in their testimonies though, and close to the spirit. They amaze me week after week with things they say. Although I have moments of feeling overwhelmed, I think I've fallen into a rhythm in my calling. I have much more to learn I know, but I don't panic as much as I did in November and December.

Well, off to bed I go, ready to start a new we go!


Pulcheria said...

Tell Jared good luck on his test. Your dinner plans sound yummy - Danny makes amazing corned beef and cabbage every year and I love it!

coryshay said...

1st of all I don't know about the corned beef and cabbage... but I wish you luck! Secondly, good luck to Jared!! And thirdly, can't wait to see you soon!